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“Grief Pictured provided a valuable service when time and energy are limited. Emily created a beautiful slideshow of my loved one that I will always treasure! She was highly communicative, sensitive, provided flexible solutions, reasonable fees and kept things moving when I was pulled in dozens of directions. Having created a slideshow of my own years before, I knew that the time and stress saved could be redirected in other ways. I highly recommend Grief Pictured for any memorial or celebratory slideshow needs!”

Robyn A., Chicago, IL

“Emily did a lovely job developing a slideshow for my husband’s memorial service.  She was extremely responsive and accommodating, ensuring that the slideshow was exactly what I wanted.  It’s a beautiful pictorial depiction of my husband’s amazing life and was an extremely emotional and moving part of his service.

“When I decided to retain Emily’s services, she sent an agreement that clearly set forth the responsibilities of each party and the dates by which certain things would be accomplished (which she honored).  She traveled to my home to get the non-digital photos I had selected for scanning and returned the originals promptly.  Because I had given Emily far more photos than she could include in the 5-minute slideshow, she selected certain photos she thought would be good and then emailed a draft to me.  I viewed the draft and contacted Emily about photos that had not been included but were important to me.  She was able to include those photos in the slideshow, tweaking the length and accompanying music.  She also included photo captions I had provided and made all requested edits.  Working with Emily was extremely easy.  She’s conscientious, hard working, and kind.  I highly recommend Emily and Grief Pictured if you’re looking to present a slideshow at your loved one’s service.”

Tammy R., Alexandria, VA.