Secular Funeral Celebrant and Memorial Slideshow Editor

(serving mostly Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC – slideshow services are not location-bound)

(other locations possible, more details on the Secular Celebrant Services page.)

Image of the Celebrant, Emily Karp, holding a binder and speaking to an unseen audience. Green bushes with pink flowers are behind her, and the dress she wears is navy blue with hot pink flowers scattered on it, more flowers on the top of the dress than the skirt. Emily Karp is a white woman with light brown curly hair and she wears glasses.

My heart goes out to anyone who is tasked with planning a service for a loved one who has died. Many individuals who don’t have close connections to any particular religion feel lost about where to turn when it comes to wanting to memorialize and celebrate their loved one’s life after they are gone, and unsure who they could hire to help. Nonreligious ceremonies can be profound and healing, but many people have never witnessed a secular service and may not even know they are an option.

Life-Cycle Celebrants® have been trained in the art of narrative and capturing the essence of who the honoree was after an interview process with the family. We craft ceremonies which include creative small rituals, symbolism, and music & readings that speak powerfully to the experience of bereavement and honor what the specific tastes were of the person we’re celebrating. The ceremony will follow an emotional arc which acknowledges the emotions around this loss, leaving attendees feeling equipped to handle carrying their grief forward with them as they exit the event.  

For more about what my Secular Celebrant Services entail, please click here.

Those who have recently lost a loved one also have the option to hire me to create a skillfully-edited, emotional, slideshow in tribute to the individual.

When family members edit memorial slideshows themselves, they far too often find themselves scrambling the night before the funeral, and losing valuable sleep. It takes longer than expected in large part because it’s only human to feel intense new shocks of grief with each photograph being handled, which slows down an already time-consuming process.

Sometimes, editing the slideshow is also overly technologically challenging. These are days when you’re emotionally overwhelmed with a new loss of someone dear to you! This is not the right time to be trying to learn (or re-learn) how to use software programs.

I’ve been editing videos for sixteen years, and I’d be happy to edit the memorial slideshow for your loved one. I know how emotionally and viscerally impactful these slideshow tributes are for all mourners, and I’d take the utmost care to honor your loved one fully and optimize the viewing experience with the way I use visual effects, pacing, music, and more.

For specific details regarding my memorial slideshow services, please click here.

You are welcome to contact me via the Client Interest Form, which is my preference. You may also contact me by email at or by phone at (571) 363-9012 and leave a voicemail. We’ll set up a no-fee consultation about potentially hiring me to craft a personalized and meaningful funeral or celebration of life or to create memorial slideshow that honors your loved one’s life.