Example Memorial
Life Tribute Videos

Look below to find examples of
Emily Karp's past video editing work.

The family who provided the original source footage to these videos, including photographs, film footage, and digital video footage, retains the copyrights to those images and video.

I have not yet been granted permission to publicly post to my website any memorial tribute which features captions throughout, although I have edited some of that type. I do not display memorial slideshows unless the family grants me permission, as these two families did below. Please contact me and ask if you’d like more information on what that will look like if you choose the option for captions throughout. 

Please also note, specifically, that these first two videos honor the life of Karen P. Vaughn. She painted all the paintings which are featured in these tribute videos, and the Vaughn Family retains the copyright rights to all the film and video footage as well as all photographs. Being given the opportunity to work with this home movie film footage from the 1940 was such a special privilege.